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6 Modules, 30 Lessons, 8 Business Templates and more!

Six Modules

Shift > Identify > Discover > Offer > Calculate > Execute

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30 Lessons

Lessons include, videos, presentations, template and assessments.

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Eight Business Templates

Templates every business needs to get started are in the Toolkit as Word Docs.

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At EBB, Entrepreneur Business Basics, our goal is to train and equip underestimated entrepreneurs. Everywhere. We are high touch and high tech and committed to helping you JUMP© into entrepreneurship.

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This content has been written to reach learners on all levels: visual, auditory, and hands on. Developed by an entrepreneur and educator, JUMP© is fully accredited for one (1) high school elective credit and is board certified.  

S.W.O.T. Anaylsis

Identifying your businesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Business Model Canvas

Identify the 9 key elements of your business model.

StartUp Projections

Calculate your startup costs, make projections and understand feasibility.

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Customizable for your Organization

  • High Schools
  • Adult Learners
  • EcoSystems and Organizations
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Upon successful completion of JUMP©, click and download your Certificate of Entrepreneurship from EBB.

India Wells-Carter

CEO/Founder of The FreshFactory

Kayla McClellan

CEO/Founder of QueenVibes KC

Dina Reden

CEO/Founder of Reden Housing

Join our growing JUMP© Alumni. A network for life.


Tonya Ortiz

CEO/Founder of     Bittie Bites

Nathania Anderson

CEO/Founder of Winks by Tandie

Brandon Redmond

CEO/Founder of Triple B's Renovation

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